This Ahmagh (Retard) Is NOT The President of Iran


People of Shiraz*, Iran burning Ahmaghinejad's picture and yelling death to dictatorship.

*Yes, Shiraz is the place where the name of the wine comes from. Unfortunately the people of Shiraz can no longer drink wine under the Islamic regime.

Watch these videos before you think people in Iran only want reform and don't want regime change.



People chanting death to dictators.

Islamic thug of the regime orders Neda's family that they have 5 minutes to spend by her tomb, then must leave.



Pictures of Rallies Against Ahmaghinejad and The Islamic Regime From Around the World

Killings and Brutality Against Brave Protesters Against Ahmaghinejad and the Islamic Republic in Iran

When Ahmagh Speaks!

Mission Statement

Last updated: August 16th, 2009